Increase your local visibility

To enhance the experience of our many visitors, we like to call on local partners. Think of hotels, boutiques, restaurants, taxi companies, bed and breakfasts and so on. If this is something for you, please get in touch.

Logo or video on the internal television channel

Each venue has its own internal television channel. As a partner, your (video) message or logo will be shown for a whole year.

Story on socials

Our partners can also count on one story on Instagram to inspire our visitors. Your story will be added to the highlights, so that it remains available for a full year.

Mention on the website

You will be present on our website with a permanent mention, including a reservation link, but also twice for a period of one week with a banner on the homepage.

Link in experience mail

Two weeks before their visit, ticket buyers receive an experience mail with suggestions on how to make their visit even more enjoyable. Your business will also be mentioned in this mail.