Sustainable projects


  • Investigate water reuse, reduce water consumption and monitor the quality of and access to potable water

Tap water dispensers in the offices

In March 2020, water dispensers were installed in all our venues, both in the offices and in the backstage areas, amounting to 27 dispensers! They are connected to the mains water supply and provide our employees with cold, sparkling and hot water. This immediately results in a significant decrease in PET bottle consumption, and the energy-wasting kettles could go straight to the recycling shop.

All our urinals are systematically equipped with automatic and water-saving flushing systems.

Organic cleaning products
Currently we use ecological cleaning products in the offices and toilets. We are also investigating whether it is possible to clean our venues with biological cleaning products. This requires some extra attention because the venues collect more dirt and need more intensive cleaning.

Rebuilding the parking lot of Forest National
The parking lot behind the concert hall needs to be redesigned. Currently we are working out a concept with specific attention to water infiltration and collection. No more concrete paving, but a water-permeable and green construction!

Public involvement

  • Transparent communication of our sustainability objectives
  • Increasing our customers’ environmental awareness
  • Participating in national and international environmental initiatives

Sharing experiences within Live Nation

Within Live Nation monthly meetings take place with those responsible for sustainable initiatives. The aim is to learn from each other and to share standards. We also look at ways of influencing partners and stimulating them towards a responsible sustainability policy.
Met de website versterkt Vorst Nationaal de band met haar directe buren en de inwoners van Vorst in het algemeen. Uitgangspunt daarbij is de nood aan interactie tussen onze concertzaal en de buren. Buurtwerking, mobiliteit en duurzaamheid komen uitgebreid aan bod.

Vorst Nationaal stelt zich tot doel duurzaamheid te integreren in de beleving van haar bezoekers. Maar evengoed wil zij bijdragen aan de levenskwaliteit en het welzijn van iedereen in de omgeving. Hoe dan ook is de concertzaal een belangrijke socio-economische motor voor de gemeente, de winkeliers en de lokale gemeenschap. Die taak wil zij op een verantwoordelijke manier invullen.


Be•at actively works on initiatives that ensure that as little food as possible is thrown away. Stadsschouwburg Antwerpen for instance cooperates with ‘Bert & Co’, a caterer who distributes his surpluses to underprivileged people. Capitole Gent uses Swill, a Renewi system for food leftovers, for VIP, backstage, catering and the offices.

We also ask our food suppliers about the origin of the products, now that the clear choice has been made for local products.


  • Partnerships with a view to sustainability

Drukkerij Bulckens
Our printed matter is outsourced to printing company Zwart op Wit, which is very committed to sustainable printed material. Since 2016, the company has been 100% CO2 neutral, using green energy, vegetal inks and recycled paper as standard.

Proximus collaboration

For our Pop-Up Arena in Middelkerke, we entered into a partnership with Proximus. The point of attention for both parties was what we could do for each other in terms of sustainability. The use of sustainable transport was emphasized and circular use of drinking cups was tested. Visitors were also encouraged to hand in their old mobile phones for a fee.