Framework agreements

Book your VIP Experiences in a snap

We can help you in no time if you are regularly asked to book tickets or VIP packages for your clients.

Registering VIP Experiences, inviting guests, sending out tickets and parking tickets etc. is done via our brand new digital experience platform. Quickly and easily. And even absolute child’s play, if you make use of a framework agreement.

How does such a framework agreement work?

With a framework agreement, you have the possibility of booking VIP Experiences without having to go through the entire financial process again each time. We make the necessary arrangements together at the start and you can get straight to work.

You set a budget in advance – e.g. an annual budget of 20,000 euros – and you can then easily make reservations within this budget. You can consider it as an advance payment that offers you a large number of advantages.

More time for your guests

More time for your guests. No hassle with following up each individual booking. You are assigned an account manager. This person is your direct contact person at all times for information regarding bookings, questions, etc. You will regularly receive an overview of the VIP Experiences that have been booked.

VIP Experiences are confirmed immediately.
By making use of a framework agreement, you assure yourself that tickets are reserved immediately. In other cases, tickets and parking tickets are often only made available after payment has been received.

Last-minute reservations are possible

The framework agreement implies that there is an agreement on payments, what gives you immediate confirmation of your seats and allows you to get started right away. Last-minute reservations are thus possible right up until the very last minute, as long as tickets are still available, of course.