Local impact

  • Attention to the impact on our immediate surroundings

Local cycling events
On the occasion of ‘World Bicycle Day’ on 3 June 2024, Forest National and the Sportpaleis opened the doors for a local bicycle event. In this way, we want to draw more attention to sustainable mobility to and from the events at our venues.

Be•at is not only committed to operating its venues and theatres in a sustainable way, but also wants to encourage sustainable (partial) mobility to and from events. With ‘Fiets Brocante’ in Forest National and the second edition of the ‘Fietspaleis’ in the Sportpaleis, bicycle use and enjoyment were extensively highlighted.
Voluntary work
For years, we have been offering local associations the opportunity to take care of our bar services. In this way, they can earn a nice extra to finance their operations. Associations with a social, cultural or sporting goal are given the opportunity to run a bar and thus raise money for the club or for a good cause. For example, money flows to the rehabilitation of people with disabilities in Guatemala, to temporary accommodation for young people in difficulties and to many other nice projects. Thanks to all the volunteers, because they make sure that we as a society can achieve more.

For several years now, be•at has had a partnership with AP Hogeschool (journalism students), KdG Hogeschool (photography students) and Thomas Moore Hogeschool (Media & Entertainment Business students). All together, more than 10 students are working within our organisation this year (2024). In this way, we take our social responsibility and contribute to the development and deployment of young people. And conversely, be•at also keeps its finger on the pulse in various fields.

Youca Action Day
Since 2021, Be•at is fully committed to the Youca Action Day. Youca, YOUth for Change and Action – formerly Zuiddag – is an organization for and by young people that stimulates them to work together towards a sustainable and fair society. On Youth Action Day, 15,000 young people, from the fourth to the seventh grade, commit themselves to work on a school day. By doing so, they get a taste of working life. Their pay, 55 euros, is donated to projects of committed young people worldwide, in Burkina Faso, Ecuador and Uganda.