• Encouraging sustainable travel to our venues


Antwerp site
Since 2005 our Antwerp site has been operating an event mobility plan, drawn up in consultation with the city. The aim is to stimulate sustainable mobility by giving priority to walking before cycling before public transport before making use of a private car. This is also paying off. Whereas in 2008 almost 65% of visitors still came by car, this share has now dropped to about 45%. This is well within the 50/50 modal split target that the city had set for 2020.

Continuous expansion of bicycle parking facilities
The Antwerp site currently has three bicycle storage facilities, with a total capacity of 660 spaces. The capacity in Forest (Vorst) has also been increased to 96 storage spaces right in front of the door.

Public profile analysis and personalized mailing
Years of experience have taught us that it pays to investigate the audience profile of an event. Factors such as age, place of residence of the public and type of event play a role in the mobility choices visitors make. Analyzing this for each event enables us to steer visitors in the direction of sustainable mobility that is of interest to them. Our venue in Forest (Vorst) has always been pioneering in this, but this knowledge is now also being used for the Antwerp site.

Extra trams

For some time now, the Sportpaleis has been deploying extra trams for well-attended shows. This significantly stimulates the use of public transport. For Sportpaleis and Lotto Arena, an average of 40% visitors already comes by public transport!

Bravo!-ticket in Forest
We have set up a partnership with the SNCB/NMBS (Belgian Railways) so that visitors with a ticket get a 50% reduction on their train ticket.

Combi ticket — Event Pass
For many years, a ticket for a show at the Sportpaleis and the Lotto Arena has also given you automatic access to the De Lijn trams and buses for the journey to and from the event. For Forest National, the same applies thanks to the Event Pass which can be used on STIB trams and buses.