Use of resources and waste

  • Waste reduction at the source
  • Material recovery and reuse
  • No more sales of single-use plastics

Beverage cups

Since 6 June 2023, we have been using reusable cups in our arenas. By doing so, we want to reduce the waste mountain and thus also our carbon footprint. When you order a drink at the bar, it is served in a reusable cup. Afterwards, the cup can be returned in two different ways: in the designated container or at the bar.

The government imposes a sustainability target and expects at least 90% of the material to be collected back for reuse. This proves to be a particular challenge in practice, despite extensive communication prior to and during the visit. Although more than 85% of our visitors confirm that it was clear what was to be done with the empty cup, only 82% indicate that they actually returned the cup to the bar or deposited it in the designated container (based on research after the first test events).

Be•at is committed to an awareness-raising campaign in its venues and via its online communication channels, and is also investigating different ways to maximise cup recovery in the venue.

The use of plastics is banned as much as possible in our venues. We are constantly making efforts to address this issue with our suppliers. We are not yet able to say that you will not find any plastics at our venues, but its use has been greatly reduced, and the objective is clear: as little plastics as possible in our venues!
PET bottles are collected for recycling. We count on the support of our visitors to dispose of their waste in the correct bin. Sorting well together = better recycling.

To optimize sorting in the offices and backstage areas, we started developing our own system of sorting bins at the end of 2021. A custom made sorting street on wheels so to speak. This in-house design is modular in terms of both size and material and can be adapted in function of the location where the bin is used. The design was made in close consultation with the cleaning crew, so that they can empty the bins easily.

Plastic film collection
The foil around beverage containers is collected separately in all be-at halls and delivered to Renewi. 98% of these foils can be used as new raw material, so an extra effort here pays off!