• Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030
  • Systematically increase the share of renewable energy in the period up to 2030 with the goal of achieving 100% renewable energy

Our projects

Solar panels on Trixxo Arena and Antwerp Hospitality Center
Last spring 2021, 350 solar panels were installed on the Lotto Arena and 1250 panels on the Trixxo Arena. For the Lotto Arena, these panels can cover 50% of the daily use (excluding events), for the Trixxo Arena the entire daily use (excluding events) is covered.

Bicycle leasing
Since 2018, we have offered our permanent staff the opportunity to lease an (e-)bike in a financially attractive way. More and more colleagues make use of this possibility, and leave their cars at home.

Bicycle parking on the Antwerp site
In order to promote the use of bicycles by employees, it has now been decided to provide a secure bicycle parking area on the Antwerp site. This will be constructed in conjunction with the reconstruction of the Vaart car park. Charging points for electric bicycles will also be provided.

Calculating the CO2 footprint
To measure is to know! Live Nation has appointed an external firm to map out the ecological footprint for each of the venues. This will make it easier to take the right actions, and to measure actual results.

Energy coaching trajectory in consultation with city of Ghent for Capitole Gent
We have enrolled in an energy coaching trajectory with the city of Ghent, and the first proposals are on the table. Partly it is about a better understanding of our own consumption and the optimization of machines, but also an ambitious proposal to connect to the heat network is being investigated. We are curious!

Switch to LED and (motion) sensors
Wherever lighting needs to be replaced, we will opt for LED from now on. A first major replacement operation in the pipeline concerns the façade lighting of the Lotto Arena. The installation of more and more motion sensors should also help us to reduce our energy consumption.