Make your concert visit sustainable

6 tips

1. Come by bike

Visit the concert on foot or by bike. Although bicycle use is on the rise (yes, we count the bikes in our bicycle parking), we understand that this is not feasible for everyone. Hence our second tip.

2. Use public transport

Make use of public transport to visit the concert. On presentation of your ticket, you can take the buses and trams of De Lijn to and from the Sportpaleis free of charge. After the concert, extra metro trains will be used to get everyone back home quickly.

3. Park at a P&R

If you come by car, park at one of the P&Rs around the city. You can then take the buses and/or trams of De Lijn for the last kilometres to the Sportpaleis.

4. Go carpooling

Consider carpooling! It not only makes your trip cheaper (read: you use less fuel). It is also good for the environment, reduces traffic and it is a lot more fun to count down to the concert together.

5. Download your tickets

Do not print your tickets, but download them onto your smartphone. Important! Have your tickets ready on your smartphone at the entrance to get in faster.

6. Help us sort

Help us sort! Do you like to enjoy a drink or snack? We’ve got your back. But drop your empty cup or trash in the right bin. That way, separated waste can be processed more easily.

Together, we ensure that concerts and events can take place in a sustainable way. You can read more about our own sustainable initiatives on the be•at website.